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Unlock Your Locked Ghost Account

2 minute read

Have you locked yourself out of your self-hosted Ghost account? Me too. Here’s how to unlock it by modifying the sqlite database.


New Jekyll Powered Website

less than 1 minute read

New site layout made with Jekyll. We’re expecting some minor turbulance, please fasten your seat belts.






ZFS: Automated Snapshots

2 minute read

Short guide on setting up zfs-auto-snapshot-git. Also learn a little about systemd timers.

ZFS: Upgrading

2 minute read

Now that we have installed ZFS we need to think about how to keep it up to date. We add the unofficial archzfs repo to do so.

ZFS: Setting up a ZFS Mirror

9 minute read

My first time setting up a zpool. We walk through setting up a basic ZFS mirror and discuss Advanced Format drives.