I work in the Newburgh Lab at Yale, mostly on the Simons Observatory (SO). The science goals and instrument details have been detailed in several papers. My research focuses on development of data acquisition and control systems for the telescope as well as subsystem hardware development.

Previously, I worked in the Niemack Lab at Cornell mostly on the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT). My research focused on polarization calibration of the ACT detectors, detector testing for future CMB telescopes, analysis of ACT data, and building tools for monitoring/controlling/organizing site operations on ACT, the details of which can be found in my thesis.

On This Page

This page compiles a subset of the research projects I am working on/have worked on, with the goal of being a helpful place for those interested in contributing to or continuing any of the projects.

Source code and documentation are provided where available. In cases where the documentation consists of a README on the gitlab/github page these will link to the same place.

Many of the links to code/documentation will likely be password protected, depending on the project. Please get in touch if you would like access.

Web Tools

These are links to tools designed to be consumed in your browser and represent some of the earlier work I did in the lab at Cornell, namely the fridge monitor.

Fridge Monitor

Web monitor for temperatures in the dilution fridge.

MCE View

Compile easy to view page of mce plot directories.


Analysis projects which have substantial codebases and likely contributed to significant portions of my thesis.


A library for automating CODE V analyses using Python.

source - docs


Polarization analysis library to analyze results from CODE V.

source - docs


Code for characterizing single pixel test detectors.

source - docs


Code for analyzing polarization grid data from ACT.

source - docs


Code for mapping and analyzing the resulting maps of Tau A using moby2.

source - docs


Tools that are not web specific, but still very useful.


ncurses interface for interacting with a Lakeshore 370 connected to a Bluefors LD400.

source - docs


Tools for scheduling the ACT remote observing team.

source - docs


Daily timestream categorization of ACT data.

source - docs


Automated phone call/sms sending daemon to alert remote observers of telescope errors.

source - docs